Did You Know Food in Your Teeth Can Wreak Havoc?

Many assume that simple brushing and flossing is enough to ensure healthy teeth and gums.

However, there is much more under the service that requires professional cleaning.

Our goal is to give every patient a lifetime of beautiful smiles, and the simplest step to make this a reality is to remove all food that often gets caught between teeth.

Known as food impaction, this is a serious issue that creates localized bone disease, decay, bad breath, infection, tartar below the gum surface and an erosion of the bone. 

We recently helped a patient who suffered from major food impaction issues while on a cruise. Needless to say, the trip became painful.

With upcoming spring and summer vacations, don't let an easily corrected issue like food removal keep you from healthy, happy smiles. Schedule your appointment today!

Posted on June 2, 2016 and filed under dental care tips.