5 Tips for Optimal Family Dental Health

See your dentist twice a year!

See your dentist twice a year!

When tending to your family's health needs, consider dental care as a critical component in overall well-being.

Family members of all ages should take care of oral hygiene. Following these tips will help ensure that your family's teeth and gums stay healthy and problem-free:

  1. Start kids brushing early! With supervision, children as young as age two can brush their own teeth. They will watch you and follow your example. 
  2. Have sealants applied by your child's dentist. These thin protective coatings for the back teeth will greatly reduce the likelihood of tooth decay and cavities.
  3. Ensure proper fluoride consumption/application. Strengthening tooth enamel with fluoride is the most effective way to prevent tooth decay. Ask your dentist if your family is getting enough in your dental routine.
  4. Brush your teeth with the right tool. Make sure each family member has the proper toothbrush. Teens with braces and older people may need specialized oral hygiene tools.
  5. See your dentist twice a year. To remove plaque build up and get important screenings for oral disease, it's critical to visit your dental professional regularly.

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Posted on July 17, 2014 and filed under dental care tips.