Floss Better With Phillips Sonicare AirFloss

If flossing isn’t a regular part of your oral care routine, you’re not reaching the bacteria that can build up between teeth.

The Philips Sonicare AirFloss helps you to get a deep clean everyday by taking the hassle out of flossing.

We are pleased to sell this innovative device to our patients for just $59.99 (original price $89.99).

This product is perfect for everyone, but especially great for those with arthritis or sensitive gag reflexes that inhibit traditional flossing.

The Sonicare AirFloss System by Phillips

How Does it Work?

Microburst technology cleans at the touch of a button

Microburst technology applies a quick burst of pressurized air and micro-water droplets to clean deep between teeth where a toothbrush can't reach.

Why AirFloss?

Phillips Sonicare AirFloss removes up to 99% more plaque between teeth*

This Sonicare toothbrush removes up to 99% more plaque between teeth than brushing with a manual toothbrush alone; Proven to improve oral health effectively.

* Compared to manual toothbrushing alone

Simple one-button use; as easy as a mouse-click

Simple one-button use for easy cleaning in 60 seconds.

Slim, angled nozzle for easy to even the hard-to-reach areas

Guidance tip for easy placement

Simply glide the guidance tip along the gum-line until you feel it settle between the teeth. Provides easy positioning even on those hard-to-reach back teeth.

Easy-to-fill reservoir

Easy-to-fill reservoir uses only a tiny amount of water for less mess. Fill with mouthwash for enhanced oral health benefits.

Slim, easy to hold handle

Easy to maneuver around the mouth.

Fits standard Sonicare chargers

You only need one charger to charge your Sonicare products.

Contact Dr. Mikula to purchase your Phillips Sonicare AirFloss from Dr. Mikula for just $59.99 (original price $89.99)! Call 440.871.7170 today!

Posted on March 1, 2014 and filed under featured product.