About Us

We provide comprehensive general dentistry to achieve nothing less than spectacular results. 

Don't settle for second best. You owe it to yourself and to your health to ensure you are receiving the best in dental care possible! We are highly motivated experts that provide magnificent results. Dr. Cynthia Mikula goes the extra mile! The latest technologies, exclusive equipment that surpasses others locally, and a genuine compassion for her patients is what sets Dr. Mikula apart from the rest.


Our Team


Dr. Cynthia Mikula, DDS

I strive diligently to provide my clients with the absolute best dental care possible.

I go the extra step, and I spend the extra time, to afford my clients the exclusive and level of care that is unmatched by my competitors and peers.

I value my clients and I work hard to sustain a wonderful relationship and provide excellent communication skills to ensure top-notch results. Whether it is simple maintenance, a completely new smile, or the full package inclusive of Ulthera Beauty Services – I have a plan and service to fit your needs!

Please, do not hesitate, ask any questions you may have and send any and/all inquiries directly to me. I will be more than happy to discuss a suitable plan for your particular needs.








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